Internet Leased Line

Internet technology has evolved as a trusted platform to do boundary-less business and share valued information. We at Glance have a proven experience in delivering High Performance Internet Solutions to operate on a congestion free transoceanic Global IP Network.
Glance offers Leased line solutions on FIBRE at a great upload & download speeds. The superfast dedicated leased line solutions from Glance will surely allow you to do more and work more. Glance will help you access your critical business applications faster, collaborate quickly with your customers and suppliers and transfer Information in seconds.

Businesses, big or small need a reliable and constant internet connectivity solution to run their missions critical and day to day operations. We bring to you a high performance and carrier grade internet connection, specifically designed to cater to business needs to help you stay ahead.


⚫ Guaranteed bandwidth ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and more.
⚫ Flexible and easy to scale
⚫ Can easily accommodate bandwidth-hungry applications
⚫ Can give 1:1 bandwidth with protected international routes with Priority Internet Leased Line
⚫ Business Internet Port leading to committed bandwidth of 70% on the port
⚫ Value Plus Internet Leased Line offering committed bandwidth of 25% of the port bandwidth


⚫ Allows faster adoption and hosting of Internet based applications
⚫ Delivers symmetric bandwidth and faster output
⚫ Gives high uptimes and low latencies, guaranteed by Service Level Agreements
⚫ Has a high capacity carrier grade backbone network, so you can scale up as your business grows
⚫ Connects to Internet ports of major international exchange locations
⚫ Delivers periodic performance reports